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Protek Elite Sport V.3

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We are proud to announce the official launch of the Protek Elite's! We've successfully launched 2 amazing products over the last 3 years and have listened to feedback from 10,000+ customers from over 100 countries, with roughly 11 months of improvements, we are back - Better than ever. Introducing the Protek Elite Sports.

Compared to our original Active Sport, the Protek Elite offers 6 new cutting-edge features:

Bluetooth 5.0, 500mah wireless charging box, IPX4 waterproof technology, 20% lighter, 13% smaller design and our most innovative feature; "Intelligent Sound Control" which gives you the ability to intelligently eliminate environmental sounds - True noise cancellation. As well as having the ability to receive more ambient sounds. The Protek Elite Sport will redefine wireless earbuds as we know it!

IPX4 Certified Waterproof: 

Allows you to workout and sweat in peace, knowing your earbuds are safe and secure.

Intelligent Sound Control

Which allows for users to increase the amount of ambient sound around them as well as noise reduction for complete noise-cancellation. This brings premium 3D HD stereo sound wherever you are. Intelligent Sound Control also brings premium HD signal and quality to phone calls through both R & L earbuds. 

Easily switch between business calls and personal calls with the click of a button. HD microphone now offers output from both L & R earbuds for phone calls. 

40% smaller carrying case w/500Mah: 

Wait till you see this one! Constructed of the highest quality materials to insure a secure fit and connection to the earbuds. High quality magnets make sure your earbuds never fall out of their carrying case. 500Mah allows for more power to keep you connected on the go!


Bluetooth 5.0 w/upgraded chipset: 

This new chipset brings you the fastest connections possible! Simply pull your earbuds out of their case, turn on and you're automatically connected. Bluetooth 5.0 also brings even deeper base to your music, with steady connections up to 50ft!


Ergonomic Perfection:

After the successful launch of two state the art products & studying 1000's of different ear types since 2015, we believe we have perfected a true, universal fit. In addition to our extensive research, we also added high quality, textured silicon jackets to the earbuds. This brings supreme comfort while wearing the earbuds and a more secure fit, during even the most intense workouts.


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  • 2x Protek Active Sport wireless earbuds
  • 1x Intelligent Charging Box 
  • 6x Silicone Earbud Tips
  • 1x Charging Cable
  • 1x One Year Warranty